Hi, I'm Grace Teng.

"Parallel lines converge at the horizon", our film professor used to tell us. If you have parallel storylines running within your film, the disparate lines must meet at the climax.

My professional life is a montage, each scene distinct but altogether arcing towards a resolution that combines all of its different threads. I have been a college TA, a documentary filmmaker, and an English teacher. A growing interest in software development stemming from my experience as a customer support officer at Mednefits led to a plot twist: I decided to take the leap into computer science, and enrolled in Le Wagon's full-stack web development course as part of batch #454 (Singapore).

I am continuing to hone my craft as a TA at Le Wagon, learning by helping others to learn Ruby on Rails, JavaScript ES6, HTML and CSS. In January 2021, I will start as a student in Penn's Master of Computer and Information Technology program.

How does this story end? I'm not sure yet, but I can guess what's on the horizon. I'll end up somewhere where I can teach, learn, code, and make meaning all at once.

My Work

These are projects created during my time as a student at Le Wagon. Naturally, they're not perfect, but a lot of thought and heart went into them, and I am continuing to improve on these projects now that the bootcamp is over.
Macrotery thumbnail Macrotery thumbnail

Macrotery was my final project at Le Wagon, built as part of a team of three. It is intended to be the Minimum Viable Product for a food ordering app that allows users to search for food based on their macronutrient composition (protein, carbs, fats).

At this stage, the best way to see the work that we've put into Macrotery is to view a screencast of it. Click the button below to download a screencast of Macrotery.

Rent A Pokemon Redux thumbnail
Rent-A-Pokémon (Redux)

At Le Wagon, every student builds an AirBnB clone in five days as part of a team. Our group chose to build the Minimum Viable Product of a service that allows users to put up their Pokémon for rent, or to rent other users' Pokémon.

Post-bootcamp, I forked the Rent-A-Pokémon repository and continued working on it, with the goal of making the code cleaner and more maintainable, the layout more responsive, and fixing niggling bugs and finishing features that we did not get to in time during the week of the project itself.

Mister Cocktail thumbnail
Mister Cocktail

Mister Cocktail is a basic cocktail catalogue, and a classic Le Wagon project. Building Mister Cocktail required basic Rails and SQLite3 knowledge, but also interfacing with TheCocktailDB's API, uploading images to / serving images from Cloudinary, and deploying the Rails app to Heroku.

My Résumé

You can find my work history on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can download my résumé as a PDF if you prefer:

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